Do you have a large space in your office that can be cleared to accommodate up to 15 people and yoga mats each week for 6 weeks? Once a month for 6 months? 1 hour on 1 day? 

Or would you like to get your team out of the office to share a yoga practice with one-another, learning breathing, meditation, and movement, in our studio?

Offer your employees the option of yoga in the office or the studio, before, during, or after work. You can buy it as a gift for them, subsidize it, or simply offer the space for them to practice. Rates range from $10 per person, per hour, and we can find the right price point and experience for your team.

Wondering why? Employees will improve their health and happiness, and will be more productive and focused. Practicing yoga in the office or our studio is a win-win scenario for your team. 

"Studies also suggest that practicing yoga... might have other health benefits such as reducing heart rate and blood pressure, and may also help relieve anxiety and depression." 


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