Videos to Practice Yoga Everywhere

Use these videos to practice where-ever you are, when-ever you want. Streaming classes available also, via YouTube. 

We have classes and series that are simulcast (shown live online while also available for in-person attendance), live online (shown live online only), and online (recorded and shown online only).

Studio classes canceled due to weather are typically live online at the scheduled class day/time and accessible to everyone.

Most simulcast sessions are part of workshops and only available to registrants.


Online classes are available here and on our YouTube channel.

Sun Salutation A

Sun Salutations are foundational yoga asana. This video is of Sun Salutation A, an accessible practice that is perfect for those just starting-out and seasoned yogis. 

All Standing Yoga for vertigo, limited mobility

Spend 30-minutes practicing yoga mostly standing, and with very little head movement. This practice is perfect for those with limited mobility, vertigo, and balance concerns. 

Sun Salutation A - Chair Yoga

If you want to practice yoga and have limited mobility, chair yoga is a wonderful way to do it. Check out this Sun Salutation A video that uses a table / chair as a tool.

Beginner-friendly Yoga

Nearly 60-minutes of yoga for beginners and yogis of all levels.

Beginner-Friendly Practice

Yoga is for everyone, and you can practice yoga anywhere. Try this beginner-friendly video. It's nearly 60 minutes and offers you the opportunity to move safely and comfortably, even if you've never practiced yoga before.