Picture it. You. On a sand beach in a remote coastal oasis on the Pacific. The air warm, just like the clear, beautiful water. You aren't completely alone on the beach but you have so much space. There's no concern about time. You are well-fed and physically relaxed as you stand on the shore. In the moderate sunshine, you are content. You wonder, "What day is it?" And then you remember that it doesn't matter just now. You're in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. You are living la vida yoga.

 Nearby Hermosa Beach is great for sunbathing, exploration and SUP'ing

Nearby Hermosa Beach is great for sunbathing, exploration and SUP'ing

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Surf’s always up in the Costa Rican beach town of Santa Teresa. Bright sun and gleaming sands make the perfect backdrop to hang ten in the crystal-clear waters, and fishing, snorkeling and kite-surfing are popular among vacationers. Yoga and spa services are a must for the ultimate relaxation, and, at night, catch a glorious sunset on the same beach where earlier you caught a wave. ~ Trip Advisor


headstands everywhere's Candice Clemens is your host. Candice has traveled extensively around the world and has previously hosted yoga retreats in Santa Teresa. She's 200 E-RYT and 500 RYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with 500+ hours of training and 1,000+ hours of teaching experience) and will teach beach and some studio yoga, as well as act as your host throughout your stay. As part of your experience, you will also have the opportunity to practice with teachers who are based in Santa Teresa.

Yoga and meditation are offered daily on this trip, and you can practice yoga as frequently -- or as infrequently -- as you would like. There are no obligations nor requirements. Candice will help facilitate your exceptional experience and is available to you for private yoga and anything else you need during your stay.



Meals, transport to-and-from SJO (Airport in San Jose, Costa Rica) to accomodations in Santa Teresa, and so much more are included.
10-nights in paradise looks a lot like this:

  • Day 1    <fly to SJO>, fly SJO to Tambor (airport closest to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica), yoga, dinner

  • Day 2    AM yoga, breakfast, book club, lunch, PM yoga, 24-hour ATV rental, dinner

  • Day 3    AM yoga, breakfast provided, Mal Pais zip line, lunch, PM yoga, plant-based group cooking lesson - dinner

  • Day 4    AM yoga, breakfast, book club, lunch, PM yoga, dinner

  • Day 5    AM yoga, breakfast, Tortuga Island snorkel, turtle release at Montezuma, dinner, PM yoga

  • Day 6    AM yoga, breakfast, book club, lunch, PM yoga, dinner

  • Day 7    AM yoga, breakfast, book club, lunch, PM yoga, dinner

  • Day 8    AM yoga, breakfast, book club, plant-based group cooking lesson - lunch, PM yoga, Vista de Olas sunset and drinks, dinner

  • Day 9    AM yoga, breakfast, book club, lunch, PM yoga, dinner 

  • Day 10    AM yoga, breakfast, packed lunch provided, shuttle to ferry, ferry to SJO, shuttle to SJO, <SJO to home>

enjoy adventure & luxury, in your preferred combination

What's included again? Transport to-and-from San Jose airport, room and board, and transportation to-and-from group/planned activities, all meals at the house (plant-based breakfast, lunch, and dinner served daily), 24-hour ATV rental, 2-times daily yoga classes nearly every day, yoga swag, and... 

Tortuga Island SnorkelingVista de Olas Infinity Pool | Mal Pais Zip-Lining | World-Famous Beaches | Epic Food | Beach Time | Pool Time | You Time

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"...Cannot wait to go again."

"This was an amazing trip , more than I ever imagined."

"It's hard to say that I would have liked the trip more if.... Because it was an amazing experience." 

"Amazing trip. Appreciate the effort in coordinating and offering a variety of activities for the individual tastes." 


This gorgeous property set on over 2+ acres includes several homes. Ours and available for our exclusive use during the stay is a main house outfitted with a full kitchen, updated washer and dryer, and three bathrooms. The pool-side cottage and mother-in-law homes are also ours. As is the pool and yoga shala. Enjoy a few pictures of the property help you choose your room! 

Fall 2018 November 29th - December 8th

Registration closes October 15, 2018. Single or shared rooms of varying styles available.

  1. Poolside Suite (1 Available):

    1. Single is $4,565 or

    2. Shared (1 bed) is $6,805 for 2.

  2. King Room (5 Available):

    1. Single is $3,995 or

    2. Shared (1 bed)  is $6,250 for 2. 

  3. Bunk-Bed Room (1 Available): $3,600 per person. (We'll find you a roommate if needed.)



Is there a kitchen?

Yes. There are also outside kitchen spaces. Meals are provided and you're welcome to shop, order-in, and cook for yourself if you want more food.

Is there a place to wash clothes?

There's a modern washer and dryer, and there are many options to have others do your laundry for you at very low cost.

How much money should I bring?

All of the basics are covered so you only need money for extras. There is a lot to do and tons of fun shopping, so keep that in mind. You can also get money in Costa Rica, though your bank will likely charge you a fee at the ATM.

Is there WiFi?

OF COURSE! Plus, most restaurants and other places have free WiFi.

How far is the beach?

The beach is a few steps away. We exit the property to the side and walk down the public access path that leads to one of the best surfing beaches around.

What is the minimum traveler age?

18 is the minimum traveler age.

What are the cancelation and refund policies?

If you need to cancel, please notify us in writing (email, text, letter) as soon as possible. Below are the dates by which you must cancel to receive a refund, and the dates after which no refunds are available: 
Deposits are $1,000 USD, per person. At deposit, select bed type (bunk, Single King, Shared King, Single King Suite, or Shared King Suite). Full payment due via check or wire-transfer by October 15, 2018 (45-days prior to departure on November 29). No refunds are available after October 15, 2018. Full refunds are available on or until October 14, 2018, less 10% fee.
(1) 100% of payments are refundable between now and September 1, 2018.
(2) Payments are fully refundable between September 2 and October 14, 2018, less 10% fee.
(3) No refunds are available on-or-after October 15, 2018.
Note: Should we cancel the trip for any reason, full refunds will be made within 48 hours of cancellation.

Am I required to have travel insurance?

We do not require that you have travel insurance. (But we recommend it.)

I have specific dietary needs. Can I be accomodated?

We will provide three plant-based meals per day. It's possible to eat both very healthily and very traditionally (as you might typically) here. Eat in any way you please -- omnivore or herbivore are all very easy to do in Santa Teresa -- and most restaurants are accommodating based on your preferences. 

What is the last date to register?

January 15, 2018, is the last day to register. Need more time? Get in touch.

Do I need to exchange money?

No. You can use USD but your change will come in the local currency, Colones (CRC). The exchange rate is 0.0018 USD for every 1 CRC, but there's a typical local conversion used of 540 CRC to 1 USD. Everyone there is great at figuring it out so you don't have to be. (Or install an app to do the math for you.)

Do the people we'll interact with speak English?

Nearly everyone speaks English -- and certainly everyone who you work with at the hotel and at attractions will -- and Ticos (Costa Ricans) even talk to you in English when you attempt Spanish... (Or maybe that's just when we attempt Spanish.) There's a huge ex-pat population so it's super easy to communicate. We were delighted at how welcome everyone made us feel in past visits.