headstands everywhere yoga is accessible to everyone -- every body type, all levels of experience, any ability -- and we'll help you practice your yoga, your way.

Our studio provides a comfortable environment where you can be yourself, without judgement or pressure. Our studio is your studio. Online, we are someone you can count on to be on-time and present. We follow-up and make sure you have everything you need to feel engaged.

Even in vigorous practice, we rest in our strength. And when we chill, we really kick back. There is no perfect way to do anything. There's the safe way, and that's it. You do you and we'll help you stay safe. Our motto: No pain, no pain.

We want to challenge, inspire, motivate, and stimulate, so we are always down to try new stuff. We brought FitMat to Willmar and are always on the look-out for the latest and greatest fun stuff to do with you. We are in the cloud practicing with you where-ever you are. We travel the world with you and give you the space to find yourself where you are.

Everyone is coming to yoga from a different place -- beginner, advanced, young, experienced, mid-life, at home -- and we will meet you where you are. We want you to practice yoga; period. We know that if you let it, yoga will connect you with yourself in a way that is seldom experienced.

There's no need to come to the studio if you'd rather practice outside. We offer yoga everywhere -- even outside of the US! Online. At the pool. At the beach. At the pub. We want to find where is best to practice together and make it so.

We love our community and aspire to give all that we can spare, and maybe then some. We offer a 15% discount for volunteering through the #BIGKARUNA program.

We aren't set in our ways, and we appreciate that you have your preferences. We want to do this thing together, in a way that is best for all. We provide the foundation, the ground-work, and help you find the personal space to do what you want with your practice.

Yoga is about finding your edge and holding that space. We want to help you find your edge with your yoga, your way. One person's edge is touching toes, another a headstand on a FitMat; there is no single way to practice. We get it.

Yoga is good for your mind and body. Yoga makes you feel good physically and mentally. Yoga helps you learn how to control your breath and mind. Yoga can help you learn how to relax or how to get energized.

Everyone knows that exercise and general physical activity are both good for you. Maybe you’ve heard this more than once or twice. You recognize that people who exercise regularly reap myriad benefits; specifically, boosts to both physical and mental health. And many of us exercise regularly because of this understanding. Those who participate in mildly intense sports like running or basketball know firsthand that there are amazing perks to these activities beyond fun, companionship, and comradery, including increased strength and endurance.  But did you know that adding a regular yoga practice to your activity regimen increases the impact of these benefits?

While it may be true that most of us don’t typically think of yoga as a sport, practicing yoga can complement your workout and is also physically and mentally beneficial on its own. For a well-rounded repertoire, cardio activities such as running are fantastic for staying healthy and maintaining weight, while strength training is great for building muscle and endurance, and adding yoga to these workouts helps you improve your performance. But you don’t just have to take our word for it!




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