Conscious Living Through Yoga & Journaling | 8 sessions

Conscious Living Through Yoga & Journaling | 8 sessions


Live the life you've imagined. Don't react to your circumstances.
Manage your thinking. Stop negative thoughts from running amok. Express yourself.
Control your breathing. Deepen and lengthen your breath.
Visualize your best life. See how things can be.
Actualize your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Practice yoga -- movement, breathing, meditation -- in a small group, performing a practice centered around consciousness and self-awareness.

Develop a journaling ritual through the help of the Daily Greatness Yoga Journal ($45 retail value; included in workshop) and workshop talks and activities, in-person and online.

There are 8 sessions. We'll meet in the studio 6-times for 1.25 hours (April 11, ...25 + May 9, 23 + June 6, 20), in Google Hangouts 2-times for 30 minutes (April 18 + June 13 -- sessions will be recorded), plus we'll have the opportunity to connect online as frequently as desired through Basecamp software (message boards, file sharing, etc).

$100 pays for all sessions and materials.
7 person maximum enrollment in series so enroll asap to capture your spot.
18+ please.

Questions? Call us: 320 979 7900 or Email us:

No yoga experience required!

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