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go deep.

12/4 7 PM + 12/7 6:45 PM + 12/12 5:30 PM + 12/15 5:30 PM + 12/18 7 PM + 12/20 7 PM

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a singular, personal experience

Join a small, intimate class in a cozy, comfortable studio to review asana, meditation, and pranayama basics...

  • Asana - movement of your body,
  • Meditation - control of your mind,
  • Pranayama - control of your breath.

Your yoga practice is a private, event if it's done in public. In this series, you will learn those aspects of yoga practice that are suited for you, your body, and your own needs. 

find your fit

Over our time of studio instruction, you will have many opportunities to experiment with asana practices across styles and modalities, including:

  • Restorative Yoga,
  • Hatha Yoga,
  • Vinyasa Flow,
  • Power Yoga, and
  • Yin Yoga.

You will be given a 5-class pass, as well. You can use your 5-class pass to experience any drop-in classes offered over the next six months. Plus, you will have access to practices and sessions focused on poses through included videos and and the private Facebook Group.

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just breathe

Maybe you have tried meditation. Perhaps you have taken some deep breathes in a moment of stress.  Would you like to have a relationship with your breathing? Would you enjoy being able to decide when to engage your mind and observe its happenings while also allowing your mind to let-go of that for which you would rather not currently focus on? Did you know that you can meditate in many different ways and that there are breathing exercises that can both energize and calm you, as well as cool you off on a warm day?

Learn breathing and meditation techniques that will improve your mental outlook and your ability to cope when situations get tough. You will have the tools to practice meditation in a way that works for you, and you will connect with your breath in a way that you have never before experienced. Videos include guided meditation sessions you can access any time.