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No Appointment Needed

Show-up for any Drop-In Yoga classes and your first practice is FREE. We're at 1707 Technology Dr NE #110, on the MinnWest Campus in Willmar, MN.

And guess what?


You pay nothing the first time you join one of our drop-in yoga classes. After that, we offer 2 passes:  

* 10 Class Drop-In Pass $99 | valid for 6 months

* Unlimited Class Drop-In Pass | valid for 30 days

Passes are available for purchase in studio and online. Cash, check, and cards accepted.

Styles of Yoga

Styles of Yoga

We offer several class types; below is a short list of the most common.

HATHA FLOW : Deliberate, breath-based, controlled movement. 

RESTORATIVE : Relaxing and renewing, taking your physical body to new levels of comfort and your mind to amazingly clarifying spaces. In the practice, you stay very still and comfortable, and remain awake and aware of your body.

POWER : Fast-paced, matching each breath with movement; prepare to be challenged.

SCULPT & CORE : Aerobic movement with a sprinkling of yoga poses; prepare to sweat.

DANCE PARTY HAPPY HOUR : Yoga flow with fun, modern music inspiring pose intensity; prepare to sweat.

Streaming & Video Yoga

Streaming & Video Yoga

We have classes and series that are simulcast (shown live online while also available for in-person attendance), live online (shown live online only), and online (recorded and shown online only).

Studio classes canceled due to weather are typically live online at the scheduled class day/time and accessible to everyone.

Most simulcast sessions are part of workshops and only available to registrants.

Online classes are available on our YouTube channel and on the Videos page of this site

Why Practice Yoga

Why Practice Yoga

Yoga is good for your mind and body. Yoga makes you feel good physically and mentally. Yoga helps you learn how to control your breath and mind. Yoga can help you learn how to relax or how to get energized.

Everyone knows that exercise and general physical activity are both good for you. Maybe you’ve heard this more than once or twice. You recognize that people who exercise regularly reap myriad benefits; specifically, boosts to both physical and mental health. And many of us exercise regularly because of this understanding. Those who participate in mildly intense sports like running or basketball know firsthand that there are amazing perks to these activities beyond fun, companionship, and comradery, including increased strength and endurance.  But did you know that adding a regular yoga practice to your activity regimen increases the impact of these benefits?

While it may be true that most of us don’t typically think of yoga as a sport, practicing yoga can complement your workout and is also physically and mentally beneficial on its own. For a well-rounded repertoire, cardio activities such as running are fantastic for staying healthy and maintaining weight, while strength training is great for building muscle and endurance, and adding yoga to these workouts helps you improve your performance. But you don’t just have to take our word for it!

Real-World Examples of Yoga's Impact

Real-World Examples of Yoga's Impact

You may have heard of former semi-professional baseball player and professional coach, Kevin Pillifant. Wanderlust interviewed him about his athletic career and about his time as a trainer with the Chicago White Sox.  As an athlete he obviously understands the value of working out and physical activity, but he also had some surprising insights about yoga. Prior to 2013, he had not practiced, however after he was introduced to yoga and experienced its benefits, there was no turning back for him.

Immediately after that first yoga session Pillifant felt so many benefits that he kept going back for more, which included attending a regular yoga classes in the early morning. Pillifant began to realize the more he practiced, the stronger and more flexible he felt, and then he started feeling an irresistible pull to keep practicing. He began to add yoga to his own daily workout routines, and eventually this led him to incorporate yoga into his training methods for other athletes. At the end of a run for example, he would have the athletes practice yoga as a form of recovery from their strenuous exercising. As time went on, the athletes in his training group came to appreciate the recovery benefits. In a sense, yoga also gave Pillifant some purpose in life since he knew he needed to avoid heading out late in the evenings for drinks since he really wanted to be on time for those early morning sessions. Since the physical, mental and spiritual benefits Kevin Pillifant experienced were so helpful to him, he eventually became a certified yoga teacher.


Contact Us

Contact Us

If there's anything you're looking for that you don't find here, call us: 320 979 7900

You can also email us: help@headstandseverywhere.com

If you're in Willmar, come see us: 1707 Technology Dr NE #110 on MinnWest Campus. 

Small, Private, & Custom Classes Available

Small, Private, & Custom Classes Available

We offer Beginner Yoga series in small groups. We can put together a special group just for you, teach you one-on-one, or some combination. Whatever you're interested in, let's talk!